How to Paint a Rose AND Create an “Ugh” Sign

I started this project a couple weeks ago, and now it’s ready — the beautiful, wall-worthy “ugh” sign.


This week’s video teaches you how to paint a rose based on a tutorial on Flower Patch Farmhouse by Pamela. Her tutorial is interactive and helpful, so check out her website if you want to learn the detailed steps describing how she paints a rose.

But before we get to the roses, here’s how to make the “ugh” sign:

photo (16)

  1. Buy a wooden sign and one of those wooden craft words that says “laugh” — I bought mine from the craft section in Walmart for a couple dollars.
  2. Cut off the “la” half of the word, leaving you with “ugh” — You can use a knife, just don’t hurt yourself. Also don’t use too much pressure or else the wood will crack. You’ll need to have patience. Put on an episode of Gilmore Girls or something while you work.
  3. Paint the background yellow first — Apply several coats because the paint spreads thin and the wood is visible if you don’t. Let dry.
  4. Place down masking tape in a row of vertical stripes — Using masking tape ensures the yellow stripes will all be the same width and have straight lines, basically making your job easier. Make sure you firmly press the tape down flat.
  5. Apply several layers of white paint — Paint over the masking tape with white paint to create the second layer of stripes. Peel away the tape, and you’re done with the background! Watch this week’s video to move on to the next step: painting roses.

Take your sign to the next level by giving it that “vintage” look. Make your paint crack like a worn, antique sign: apply a healthy layer of Elmer’s Glue, let dry for a minute, then apply a top layer of paint and watch it crack. Or, you can make wood look aged by applying a thin layer of dark brown furniture wax over the wood and letting it dry. Although that might work better with real wood and not a 99 cent piece of wood from Walmart.

If you like painting flowers, check out the other acrylic flower tutorials I’ve done.

What do you do to make yourself feel better when you have an “ugh” kind of week? (obviously I like to paint!) Leave a comment below!