Create a Swirled Abstract Painting

This was a rough one, guys. Not sure what I did wrong — maybe I added too much water to the paint, or maybe I used the wrong kind of canvas? — but it didn’t turn out how I imagined…

This is kind of how it was supposed to look, according this tutorial by Azure11.


Beautiful ocean wave-like paintings, right? Not so much for me.

Let me use this failure to say, be sure to buy the right kind of canvas for your painting project.

  • Cotton duck canvas is common and cheap, but easily stretched.
  • Linen canvas is weaved tighter than cotton duck canvas, making it ideal for detailed paintings
  • Watercolor canvas (as opposed to watercolor paper) allows the paint to stay wet longer
  • Canvas panels are what I use for these weekly paintings because they’re cheap and sturdy, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them for any serious projects

I honestly almost threw the painting away, it was a mess! Have you ever had a similar experience?