Let’s Paint a Pumpkin!

Halloween is getting closer! Watch this week’s video to learn how to create a pumpkin that takes less than an hour to paint. Like the creator of the original tutorial Jennifer Rizzo says, art skills are not required to follow along.



This week’s video doesn’t include a voice over (I loved that Halloween music too much to talk over it) so here’s the basics:

  1. Paint the background and let it dry. Use any colors you want! I used a canvas that I painted for last week’s blog about painting an swirled abstract painting.
  2. Outline the pumpkin, dividing it into chunks so you have a general shape to work with.
  3. Fill in each section, adding lines of darker paint. I choose shades of yellow, orange, and brown to match my backdrop — and to look more Halloween-y.
  4. Don’t clean your brush in between! Let the colors mix together a bit.
  5. Paint the stem. Make one side darker, the other side lighter to create a slight shadow effect.

To see the original step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to paint a pumpkin, check out Rizzo’s tutorial on her website. She uses shades of blue, green, and brown. (Not everything has to be orange during the fall season!)

How to Paint a Pumpkin, tutorial by Jennifer Rizzo

How to Paint a Pumpkin, tutorial by Jennifer Rizzo

If you can’t tell by all of my exclamation points, I’m excited for Halloween! What are you doing to prepare for the spookiest night of the year?


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