Birch Trees Painting Tutorial

These birch trees may look tricky to paint, but there’s actually a simple trick to it!


Besides the usual paint and canvas, you will need:

  • masking/duck tape
  • on old gift card or credit card
  • something circular (e.g., a cup, a bottle lid, a soda can)
  • a sponge

For a more in-depth guide, watch the full tutorial by Angela Anderson available on youtube.

This was my first time painting with a sponge and I loved it. Much faster than using a brush. What’s the strangest object you’ve ever painted with?


2 thoughts on “Birch Trees Painting Tutorial

  1. Awesome video! I loved how the trees turned out, and I can’t wait to try the tutorial myself!
    The strangest object I’ve painted with was a bubble wand. I mixed bubble soap and watercolor paint, and then blew bubbles of paint at a canvas. It was a lot of fun!
    Where do you find your tutorials?


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